TAVART Pricing



  • Back Panel - Hardwood, Deco or rustic material shape.

  • Back-light - LED lighting behind the shape.

  • TAV Frame - Frame for mouting acrylic prints.

  • Acrylic Print - YOUR IMAGE.

  • Image Illumination - To light up your acrylic print.

We create the WOW factor with TAVART by the use of LED lighting. The first step is to back-light the back panel. This can be dimmable as an option. The cost for TAVART fabricated with this lighting is approx. $2,000 plus or minus, depending on your choice of materials we offer.


Finally, for those that are looking for something truly unique, we can install RGB (multi color) lighting to back-light the TAVART instead of the white LED light. This feature requires remotely storing a controller with over 30 pre-programmed color patterns. For this feature, please call us for a quote.


The objective of TAVART is to create an artistic presentation of your image with a dimensional display. This is done with the primary components - the back panel and the acrylic print with TAV Framing. The cost for this can vary between $1,500 and $1,800 depending on your selection of materials we normally use.  

For the truly exceptional image, we offer image illumination. The cost for this can vary considerably. We often use multiple LED lights and dimming is always part of this feature. We usually keep the TAVART back-lit, so the total cost can vary between $2,500 and $2,800 depending on your choice of lighting.


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