TAVART is a unique form of image presentation that offers real artistry for showcasing artwork, advertising, promotional images and photography deserving of special attention. 


Overall Dimensions:  3'-4" tall x approximately 12' long

Dimensions:  2'-10" wide x 6'-10" tall

     TAVART includes the following:


  • Acrylic PhotoArt panels can be made from any high resolution digital image.

  • The PhotoArt panel can be easily removed and replaced as needed without altering the rest of the display.

  • High efficiency LED Lighting is used to back-light the shape.

  • LED Lighting is also used for image illumination with a variety of configurations and options to choose from.

  • Color LED lighting (RGB) can be used in place of white light for added effect. User-friendly controls offer a choice of pre-programmed options and color choices.

  • TAVART is completely self-contained and can be easily moved from one location to another without expert help.

Theater Design

Modern Malls

Hotels & Resorts

Interior Design

For product branding, advertising or Marquee displays, the acrylic images can easily be replaced at regular intervals to keep the display current.

Marquee Displays for Entertainment

Casinos & Night Clubs