TAVART is interactive art because in includes you. Although I created a framework for this type of wall art, designers, artists and photographers can be creative with materials, finishes, colors, shapes and composition.

It all begins with your image, a high resolution digital file that you provide. From that, you can choose from one of my existing designs, or if you prefer, I can work with your needs to create something original for you or your client. 

LED Lighting

Two types of lighting are used for TAVART. First, strip lighting is used on the back to edge light the shape against the wall. And second, a variety of options are available to illuminate the image depending on how best to make the picture pop. This is an artistic endeavor and it will be different for every image. A dimmer is used for adjusting image illumination and all of the components are attached to the back so it can easily be moved. A simple switched outlet is all that is required to light it up!  

 The back panel design is made from a hardwood ply for stability and finished with durable, furniture quality lacquer. A popular wood choice is Black Walnut but other choices include American Walnut, Mahogany and Natural Maple. Custom wood selections, leather & metal veneer, stainless steel...can also be used.

How can


make your Image


I use my exclusive TAV Frame for the acrylic print which comes with a standard satin sheen black finish.

Custom frames can also be fabricated.

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